Patch Notes/Content

Hello Team,

Maybe this was asked/answered before.

I would definitely like to see notes on each update, to see what features were added/modified.

As I can see porfolio graph is live. However notes give no info.

Would be nice to track all changes.

If this exist already, please point out where I can find info :slight_smile:


Hi @Vedran, we’re thinking of adding a “New features” category to the forum. There we will announce new feature releases with attached screenshots. This will enable everyone to easily share their opinion or ask questions regarding the latest changes.


This is an extraordinary idea

Raising from grave, can we expect this same notes added to Android/iOS app, when downloading new update, to be able to see list of new features .

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yaaasss please!! desperately need it

it will be part of the paid tier :grin: