Transpersncy of Dev Team

Dear Trading212 community members,

I am extremely interested in the ongoing development progress of the app, including its features and the improvements that have been made. I believe it is crucial to keep members closely informed about these updates, as it helps them understand the direction in which the app is evolving. Given that the app holds €3.5 billion in client assets and cash, transparency becomes even more important in fostering trust among users. One area that I particularly find valuable is the version history, which provides insights into the changes made before I decide to update the app. However, I have noticed that the version descriptions are consistently the same, unlike my personal bank account where they clearly outline the fixes and additions in each update. I believe incorporating such detailed information in the app’s version history would greatly enhance transparency and user confidence.


My Personal Bank:

On the other hand, it would be highly beneficial to know the status of feature suggestions and whether they are currently in progress or planned for development. For instance, I recall a poll conducted some time ago to gather user feedback on potential features. It would be truly valuable to receive updates on the progress of those suggestions and to be informed about which ones are being actively worked on or scheduled for future development. This level of transparency would not only demonstrate that user input is being considered but also keep members engaged and excited about the app’s evolution.


A lot of iOS developers use standard release notes nowadays. Unfortunately. Apparently they think nobody reads them. I READ THEM! :wink:

I am all for information to users


I get what you are saying, but i can’t blame T212 for being cautious in announcing new features in development, given how some users react on this forum.

As @Dougal1984 would say, we all signed up based on what features they offer, anything they add is a bonus.


Hey, everyone - thanks for sharing your view on this.

I agree that recording the info about each update will be useful. We’ll try to make it a practice, so keep an eye on the release notes in the future :eyes:


Detailed app version history notes.
As a user/customer of T212, I can sum it up as… I don’t care! For example, VS Code provides updates every few days (sometimes even daily) where they show the update release notes in a new tab and I never read them. I personally find it annoying. To me this would be very low priority.

What would be cool is if there are major changes to say the UI, or some awesome new (bigger) feature that T212 releases a video about the change to inform us users about it and/or show us how to use it. That would actually be helpful! Within say your email newsletter to show the 3 best new features every quarter or whatever period. Provide a link to a YT/twitter video.

Now regarding this…

Progress of feature suggestions / future development
This is a great idea! I would love to know what (bigger) features you guys are working on and approximate timelines for their releases (the feature I’m most waiting on is when TradingView charts will be integrated into the web app version. I heard 1st or 2nd quarter of 2023…). One possible medium to share this would be in an email newsletter again.

What T212 is working on for 2023?

Feature/ user suggested improvement #1: Estimated release quarter (e.g. Q4 2023)

  • details / photos

Feature/ user suggested improvement #2: Estimated release quarter (e.g. Q3 2023)

  • details / photos

Want to be a beta tester to get first access to the feature… contact us!

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I’m afraid I disagree with this totally. It is true that I signed up but that does not mean I cannot expect to see improvements in things that need to be improved. I left FreeTrade exactly because of this being the contemptuous attitude they had towards their customers.


You make a good point. I guess its more the entitled attitude from some users and the way they communicate.


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So did I. Everyone will be different but what I find most important is:

1. Cost & Charges - the fact there are no trade/platform fees, it’s the cheapest way to invest. I’m switching more to ETFs so a zero fee ISA is :ok_hand:

  1. Market / Asset choice - cost wise, I don’t think other brokers compete. Yes say II/IB have more options, but at the levels I invest in individual stocks are not worth it.

212 have been adding more stocks/markets fairly frequently, and we are seeing a slow stream of new functionality.

I’ve not done a review in a while, but IIRC InvestEngine is the only platform that competes on an ETF level. FreeTrade has the ability to add more market segments (ASX1 is one I miss here), but the level I invest in individual shares, their fees are not worth it to me.

What would be ideal for me here, is mutual funds. If they were at a competitive level, I could almost have all my investments in one platform. I can’t see them adding this, as there is already a monopoly out there.