Release notes iOS app

The release notes for the iOS app are the same with each update. Is it possible to be more specific what is fixed or changed? I am such a user who wants to know.



I have suggested the same as well, specially because not everyone reads the forum frequently :upside_down_face:

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There a lot of app developers filling it with rubbish like “We have adjusted the space time” or “We cut the grass”.

I am like: “Don’t try to be funny, just tell me what has changed” (and according to my Twitter followers I am not the only one)

Maybe not ideal wording used on this idea.

But the point behind was same thing on Android app store. No info on what has changed…


Topic in forum with changes per version is also good if you would ask me.

I remember something about a new Apple policy to prevent the non informative repeated release notes… not sure when it will be in place.

We use the What’s new section of the forum to announce significant changes and new features as it allows us to describe them much better.