Payment Companies

Looking at peoples opinions on these, I am broadly including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, Square etc. Looking at adding 1 of these to my portfolio next month.

Anyone got any thoughts?

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Visa and MasterCard is best for dividend growth over many decades of holding, with nice stock appreciation with it:

PayPal still has lots of room to grow, but seems pretty highly priced as of right now. But again, if you’re holding long term you’ll do well
Haven’t looked into the other two much :slight_smile:
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There is no such thing as a safe haven in the stock market, but VISA and Mastercard have very low volatility, at the expense of huge growth.

Off the top of my head, VISA has been mainly bouncing between 190 and 200 for around 4 months now, with brief movements above and below. Compared to the the rest of the market, that’s positively languid.

Paypal, SQUARE, PAYC, are a little more volatile, at the expense of higher growth

Just to update (if anyone cares?) with todays dips I made a very small move into payments, with a simple pie:

Visa 25%
Mastercard 25%
Amex 25%
Square 12.5%
StoneCo 12.5%

Avoided Paypal as still feels a little pricey, and personally I have found it always clunkier than other payments so worry if next few years it doesn’t hold up, welcome to hear contrary view.