Wirecard increase?

Can someone please explain to me who would buy wirecard stocks right now and why the share price has gone up 100pc??

This makes no sense.


Speculate to accumulate :joy:

High risk, high reward. It’s like any other in that category like Luckin or Hertz.

Playing with fire, just be on the pump side and don’t get greedy.

I doubt anyone buying in is expecting it to bounce back. Im guessing it’ll just go up and down around a couple euros until it’s gets killed off.


Might have something to do with the sheer influx of retail investors flooding the market right now, causing holy havoc on volumes everywhere. Same thing going on with penny stocks all over the place.

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I actually think there gna be saved and be fine I knew should of bought Friday! Still big big gains to be made if they make it out of this just think only money isn’t there the customer base is (probz) and, they issue crypto.com cards so new space like that anything possible


Yeah, but isn’t this just stating their clients funds are safe as they should be under FCA guidelines? Not that the company is any longer viable?

Absolutely, but it explains the surge as people see that the risk has slightly declined.

Like the risk of Yellowstone erupting as a super volcano and wiping out 95% of earth’s life forms with a volcanic winter has ever so slightly increased today or the risk decreasing from asteroid AZA9001 which slightly went off course last night at about 10,000,000 miles latitude 37.

Makes sense I suppose.

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Nothing about the stock market makes sense

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Crazy some of these moves

they are having problems in Germany, around 15k people sued the company who lost more than 50K Euro. At the end Visa and Mastercard are going to pull their licences because they are in clear violation of the rules… so very risky investment, you go in and then you either come out rich or nothing.

Is it worth another short now or is it just too risky?!

At the moment I think it is too risky…

This could go either way at this point. If it follows Hertz, it’ll crash again in a day or so.

But the news coming out is so conflictive and constant;

The FCA one could be crucial.

Slightly regretting not picking some up at 1.3 even a cheaky £50 but it could have gone pop.

Anyone jumping in at over 150% :fire: :crazy_face:


I KNEW I should of bought at 1.3 it is so obvious this is heading back to where it was in my eyes, they haven’t lost customer base just money lol. But they got a printer, everything will be sorted they’ll say it was some dumb error or blame the ceo and move on(IMO) I just jumped in then haha f it!

I have a feeling this comment won’t stand the test of time.


Who me? What you mean

Wirecard are completely insolvent. It’s not just a bit of missing money, it’s all their money. They have huge loans to pay. You don’t bounce back from this and shrug it off as nothing.

Financial reset, clean balance sheet all planned in my eyes. If he’s done fraud then the money will be returned if he hasn’t and it was never there. It was a plan. In my opinion