PayPal Deposit Issue - ✅ Solved

Made a lot of deposits using PayPal yesterday and all my deposits under
£20 were credited to my accounted automatically but my deposits of £70 and £85 have been held back and with no confirmation from trading 212 yet the money has been taken I’ve contacted support but to no avail
What can I do ?

PayPal is experiencing issues on their end. The last update sent by their team states they found what is causing this, and they’re working to resolve it.

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Awsome thank you so much for a reply
Customer support wasn’t helping at all in this matter
I’m wondering has this happened before and how long did it take to resolve the issue

We don’t have any ETA, I’m afraid. Their tech engineers are working to resolve this asap.

Is this issue still not fixed
Should I start thinking about what would happen if the money is never credit to my account like who would I contact
Can’t get an answer from customer support

I got the same problem… The 600€ i sent from PayPal aren’t on my Trading 212 Account. It’s now more than 1 Day ago. What’s going on there ??

The deposit will be either refunded back, or it will be allocated in your account balance, as normal. PayPal are still working to resolve this. I’ll keep you posted.

It’s brutal I’ve missed an amazing opportunity on Ino Pharmaceuticals I’m absolutely gutted it’s going into day 3 one missing funds
Proper ruined my weekend :joy:

There is pletora of different type of top ups as alternative until PayPal is fixed. Bank wire/Google Pay/Credit Cards/Skrill. All or most are instant or same day.

So in future you don’t miss your opportunities. :beers:

I know there is but nothing told us there could or would be a delay

I understand, just referring to missing opportunity.

As Tony stated:

I am no trader, but as you say, you knew about great opportunity, I would top up new funds from different source while PayPal resolves issue, thus no opportunity would be missed.

Oh no don’t worry I still topped up double what went missing but that wee extra bit would of looked even nicer right now :joy:
I’m not too annoyed It was just unexpected and hard to get a reply from customer support that’s all

Up & working since last Friday.