PayPal deposit: checkout failed

I’m trying to deposit money on my cfd account using PayPal but I’m getting the same error: ‘checkout failed’

Hey @Xul,

Yes, we’re experiencing such issue with PayPal right now. I’ll keep you posted about the status. In the meantime, I’d recommend using the rest of the available payment options.

It still doesn’t seem to work. Now PayPal option completely disappeared. That’s a shame

We removed it until the case is resolved. :pray:

Watching this topic. I had money waiting in Paypal and was going to fund my account this morning.

I shared more information about the case here:

PayPal will remain unavailable until the matter is resolved on their end, and we have guarantees that this won’t occur again.

It is all sorted out now, and PayPal is available again. :gear:


Any chance this issue is affecting other payment method? seems this issue is wide spread to other deposit payment method card or google pay.

Am I not able to deposit PayPal account money into the CFD ?

@MoonPie :man_shrugging:t2: I can’t find your active account with us. Send me a DM with the email of the account that you’re currently using, and I’ll be able to troubleshoot further.