Pending order not filled

I have pending limit sell order of my CHRA shares from yesterday @3.48
The stock hit 3.53$ (-standard spread of this stock =3.51$ sell price)
My sell was not filled and I saw the problem - T212 was not adjusting the sell price it kept at $3.33 at that time.
This is not OTC or high volatile stock so I do not understand this behavior.

If the BID was at $3.33, then your sell limit order for $3.48 won’t fill.

T212 don’t control the spread.

The indicative quote prices for buy/sell are delivered by Bloombergs data API.

if ask was 3.53 i dont think bid was 3.33 only

I am checking it at other sites and I looks it never went so high so T212 chart is totally incorrect