Fill Price above Limit Price in limit buy order confirmation


I placed a limit buy order this morning that initially had a limit of 14.70. I amended this to 14.60 and then shortly after the order was filled.

The order confirmation shows a limit price of 14.60, but a fill price of 14.70. I’m not sure how the fill price can be above the limit price on a buy?

The only thing I can think of is that the change from 14.70 to 14.60 in my limit order didn’t actually take effect in time, but in that case I would expect the limit price to also be 14.70 on the order.

Any information appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

Forgot about this but don’t suppose anyone has an idea about this? If not will fire off an email to CS, thanks :slight_smile:

No idea, but i have this tracking in case of reply as im intrigued to what happened :popcorn:

Hello @thorleysam,

The order is executed at the same time (same second) the new one has replaced the old and having the trading schedule in mind (being an auction, not an open market) probably the intermediary was already in the process of executing the order so they got mixed up. I would advise leaving making changes for hours outside of auction times (8am, 9am, 11am, 2pm and 4:35pm)

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Thanks for the information, thought it must be something like that, was just curious. Thanks :slight_smile: