Pending orders question

Is there a way to see all my pending orders in one place? @David And if there is no such option can a suggest to add that feature to the app?

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If you log into the website, there is a pending orders button at the bottom of the page. Don’t think there is one in app though

The History tab in the app provides details of completed and pending orders.

I can see only filled, rejected and cancelled in the history app but nothing else

Apologies, I thought I had seen it there but it doesn’t show now.
Maybe something T212 could think of adding in the History tab. The Pending status could subsequently change to Filled, Cancelled or Rejected.

Nothing to be sorry about to be honest I know that like @Antidev said I can check my pending orders on website but maybe I’m strange but I don’t use it at all, everything I do is done through app, it’s more intuitive and user friendly for me that’s why I thought it would be nice to have such feature in app as well and I hope team gona consider that when they find time

@David, could pending orders be made visible in the History tab?

I too literally only log into the website to check pending orders. I agree it would be nice to have it in app