*Penny Stock Requests* Weekly Round Up (All Penny Stock Exempt) W/C 15/2/21

Sir @David, any chance you can quickly let us know if any on the original list will have a chance of being added? Thanks!

has NNTHF been added to IB yet

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Would like OTC Markets | Official site of OTCQX, OTCQB and Pink Markets to be added



Thanks @Finki , except;

For a benchmark, Kraken was the last OTC stock to fit the bill.

Shall I just leave the original thread and work through that and then I’ll try collating any requests after? I don’t think we’re going to have many penny stocks added but I don’t mind continuing to do this if it’s going to help, I’ll continue to add the trading volume and float :+1:

Please do, but I have to say having tried to add TGIFF yesterday, which had the 2nd highest volume on the list, I’m wondering if we put this on hold until the regulators are finished looking into this.

Seems a waste of a spot on the list knowing it’s likely not possible to add.

Sure, let me have a look for a penny stock like Kraken and see if that can be added?

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Added TMRC & BBKCF. :white_check_mark:


Focus Graphite FCSMF - Market Cap 50 Mill+ Volume 1 Mill+. Might be worth a shot OR BBKCF BIGG Digital Assets Inc, 200 Mill+ Market Cap and 4 Mill+ Trading…

Cheers @David I actually just suggested BBKCF, I’ll amend the list later.

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Neo lithium comes up has NLC on IB, under TSX Venture exchange.

@Joey_Fantana I think we have exhausted our list as David added 2 from it yesterday.

VYGVF / Voyager Digital Ltd. has been requested

I’ll have a scan through the OTC site tomorrow and try to find a few more that might have a chance and also check out any new requests :+1:

No worries. Did you see the comment re: Bitfarms yesterday?

Might be the next port of call is taking your sub-list of those not on IBKR and tweeting/emailing them to request that they add…?

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DMGGF added yesterday @Mr_Moose

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Thanks will update :slight_smile:

It won’t let me edit the original post, unless I’m missing something?

No pencil icon…?


No it’s not there at the bottom of the post like my other posts?

@Mr_Moose We’ve added new penny stocks but with position limits per account.

AVLND - 1000 shares. :white_check_mark:
RCAT - Doesn’t appear to be PSE. :x:
ARXRF - 245 shares. :white_check_mark:
HUTMF - Not on OTC on IBKR, only on TSE :canada:. :x:
KHOTF - Similar situation ^. :x:
ISCO - Doesn’t appear to be PSE. :x:
TPPRF - 50 shares. :white_check_mark:
MSNVF - Doesn’t appear to be PSE. :x:
VSQTF - Doesn’t appear to be PSE. :x:
NNXPF - 60 shares. :white_check_mark:
TMRC - We already have it. :white_check_mark:
NGPHF - Doesn’t appear to be PSE. :x:
TGIFF - 1,100 shares. :white_check_mark:
GGTTF - Doesn’t appear to be PSE. :x:
NORZF -^. :x:
NDVAF - ^. :x:
TAALF - ^. :x:
STSBF - ^. :x:
FUSEF - ^. :x:
NCPCF - ^. :x:
NTTHF - ^. :x:
PYRNF - It’s currently listed on NASDAQ as PYR. :white_check_mark:
CBULF - Not available on IBKR on OTC Markets, only on :canada: .:x:
GPHOF - Doesn’t appear to be PSE. :x:
PRNAF - Not available on IBKR on OTC Markets, only on :australia: : .:x:
RGDCF (Gaia Metals) - Not available on IBKR on OTC Markets, only on :canada: .:x:
SNYR - Doesn’t appear to be PSE. :x:
LAKF - Completely illiquid. :x:
GTVI - Doesn’t appear to be PSE. :x:
TRCK - 8 shares. :white_check_mark:
TREN - Doesn’t appear to be PSE. :x: