LSE Aim Stock: CTEA

Is there any chance LSE Aim stock: CTEA can be added? I already own some shares through another broker but wanting to buy into my T212 ISA. Thanks

Yeah, weird to find a stock that is on Freetrade but isn’t on T212. Not many of those since Trading212’s universe is so big by comparison.


All AIM stocks that are not available on T212 is because they were not available on IBKR in October (ish) when T212 did a made all AIM stocks available.

There are not many stocks on FT that are not available on T212, but they are mainly AIM. Other examples are Seeing Machines, Eurasia Mining, Water intelligence, etc. But those available on FT tend to require paying to become a “Plus” member. My personal opinion is that it is not worth it.

If you don’t mind me asking, what does the company do?

I am reading this but I don’t quite understand:

Catenae provides the indisputable truth that people and businesses need in their interactions. In an increasingly volatile world, we use irrefutable blockchain technology to power a range of app-based products that allow organisations to take more effective control of their operations. Delivering the trust those businesses, their service providers and customers need to function efficiently.

Using undisputed blockchain technology, we help business ensure your workforce is truly accountable. And importantly, your people and customers can have complete confidence in the processes you use to manage and protect them.

Suggest you take a look at RNS posted Monday 22/02/21. The company was also interviewed by BBC London 6.30pm yesterday.
Also have a read of this:
Clear Leisure and Catenae Innovation ride the digital wave

I doubt that it will be added by T212. The share price has already increased since my initial request. But luckily bought some with another broker.

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Any update on this request? @Team212

It isn’t on IBKR;

Oh I see… thanks @Joey_Fantana.