People thoughts on investing in blackrock

People’s thoughts on investing in blackrock?

Other than the fact its a non dividend stock, why not. One of the biggest find mangers in town alongside vanguard and they own near enough a piece of everything much like vanguard do.

BlackRock pays a dividend?

No it doesn’t. That’s why I mentioned it’s on my radar but perhaps something I might not buy as early as next week.

Otherwise I’m a bull

It does. It was paying a dividend when I started investing over a decade ago and still does today. I think you’re looking at the wrong instrument.


Blackrock pay a dividend. TradingView says that it is 3.25% pa. The last dividend went exD on 7/9/2023 and was $5 payable on 22/9/2023

Edit: Symbol BLK

As others have said, I would bundle Blackrock in with other companies such as Vanguard, and potentially JPMorgan, Bank of New York, StateStreet and Citi.

They all crossover in different parts of the finance world, but none of them really being that innovative to increase revenue streams.

The only unique thing, if any is I think Blackrock and JPM are working on a blockchain trading solution for digital currencies, and have been buying up Bitcoin monthly.