Phizer investing

What do you goes think about investing in phizer long term?

Waste of time. Might as well buy Apple Tesla Microsoft we all know they will just keep rising for eternity. That’s what the investors do they just buy the obvious it’s so simple to get rich just buy FAANG every pay cheque. (Jokes)

In the long term pharmaceutical company prices will be determined purely by price and effectiveness of its products, short lived vaccinations that eventually fail to work against newer longer prepared and more vigorously tested ones will fail.

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Yes I agree! Anyone got faith that phizer will be a long term keep?

Until another problem occurs yes after that I think more thoroughly tested vaccines will shine through but only time will tell

So it went close to its 2001 max and pooled back…

So it’s trading lateral, period of accumulation. Has a good dividend.

The question is not if u should buy it the question is:

1 what is your strategy
2 are u a long term investor?
3 its not timing the market but time in the market
4 never try to predict the market
5 trade with the trend
6 what is your strategy your objectives?