Pie Allocation for Sectors and Countries?

Hello again.

I was wondering if we could have a feature where you can change your allocation of Shares in companies to divide them by sector (eg: REIFs, Finance etc) and also by Countries if you have shares in the US, UK, Germany etc?

It would ve a great feature to have to really look into your Portfolio and divide everything by Sector and Country.

Many thanks. :slight_smile:


It would be nice to have this :slight_smile:.

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Isn’t this just one way of using the pies functionality?

Or maybe I’m understanding your request incorrectly…

Pies in pie would solve this, I guess

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I was thinking that the Pie changes from Companies you have shares in to them being divided via Sector via a swipe of the finger, and then swiping left or right changes it again to another statistic.

Kind of like someone else said about Pies in Pies.

Yes setting up a per sector or per country pie as a percentage of your total pie would effectively give you this availability. It would be fairly hard to model both, would probably have to be a pie holding per country pies holding per sector pies, unless you care more about sector than country, then maybe a pie holding per sector pies holding a pie for each country.

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True but I think it would be cool to understand where your Investments are without having to go into each Company you hold stocks in and doing it that way.

Countries isn’t as important but it would be an interesting tool for you to see if you have a lot in the US/EU or Asia. :slight_smile:

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