Investments list now full of shares from pies


Have been using the new pies feature which is great, one comment I have is that now the investments list is now full of shares from my different pies with no way of seeing what shares are in what pie in any and hard to keep track of my non pie shares. Would be a nice improvement to the investments list if it sub grouped by what pie they where in and have a ‘no pie’ group, groups could be collapse able. Alternative UX ideas that resolve the origin issue welcome.



Yes I was just going to say the same. We need the ability to created folders or lists within the portfolio section please. @Team212 @David


I mentioned this just after it got released, I think they said they have plans to address it but no date.

yeh it would be good to prisoritise it now as it is really an issue. if you have 3 pies with 10+ in each and then your regular investments it is a mess

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I think i will hold off on creating any more pies for now lol

We plan to implement a filter which will enable you to choose between All / Manual / Pie investments.


Thanks for that. That would be good as a basic but will you be able to add lists within the portfolio, similar to watchlist.

This will allow us to to better organise the investments. I.e long term, short term and monitor the more volatile ones @George


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Yes, grouping investments is also something that we will implement!


amazing, thank you! Any chance you can give a rough estimate on when? @George

@Team212 @George When is this update coming? The portfolios are a mess. would be great to have sub portfolios to manage various invesments seperate.


I think it would be good to have sub portfolios.

hell even being able ot just reorder the investments by amount/% change would be good lol. currently its basic…although much better than freetrade lol

Yes please add these features, as now creating more pies means harder to track actual stocks.

I think the pies only work for the long term strategy for investing, any time you use the functions day to day a hurdle comes up.
When you want to sell you have to export from the pie and when you want to buy you have to adjust the percentages in the pie and then independently buy the stock.
I think it still needs a bit of work if your not using it as a click and forget strategy with the autoinvest function


For now a simple setting to exclude pie holdings from the investments list would solve most people’s problems I think.