Full allocation list of stocks

Hello. Here again with a feature request in the app!
I love the part where we can see our stocks allocation and for each have a % of the pie.
What bothers me a bit is that we can only see the top 10 companies in our portfolio and the rest is classified in grey as “other”. Would it be possible to add in the settings to enable the full list ? I own 43 companies at the moment and would love to see what a small % some companies represent in my portfolio.
Thank you very much!


changes to the portfolio are already underway. expect to see a clearer display of your holdings in the upcoming releases


nice to hear that! Very much looking forward to it!

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How do you view this? I managed to trigger it accidentally switching my desktop out of sleep mode but can’t work out what I did!

It would also be good if you could cluster your portfolio view by sectors, industries or perhaps watchlists.

As an example, I have invested in seven smaller biotechs, but I would like to see a pie chart where they are clustered together in the “healthcare” sector, then if I click on then I would see my investments clustered by industry such as “managed healthcare”, “biotech” and then if I click on biotech I’d see my individual shares in there.

I just want to ensure I have the appropriate allocation over my chosen industries and sectors to ensure sufficient diversification.

The same would be useful for geographies, although that’s often difficult to do with ETFs.


Would love to see more/better portfolio information!

Ability to view varied levels of detail too! Different sectors, how they compare, profits, exits.

It would be interesting to know when I exit on a stock, how did I do and how does that compare and then overall what are the results.

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On my phone I can see all of my stocks (20 at the moment) allocated, the website is still “stuck” on the top 10 and then “others”. Any news on developments in this area for the website @Dao? Would be great to have all the stocks displayed on the website, just like on the app…

I am not currently aware of the plans regarding these additional features. I would hazard a guess that there may be an update in the works, but it doesn’t strike me as important enough for it to occur before the next big patch.


Okay, was just checking as it was over a year now since it was first mentioned here. Thanks for your update!

I was checking to see if the list under ‘allocation’ whilst on the web version could be expanded to show all positions - like on the app version and came across this topic. Is there a way to make the web version allocation show all positions yet? Many thanks :sunglasses:

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Hey, @adamski - while the option is not available yet, we’re considering it for the next big update to the web app.

I’ll update the thread once I have more information :v:


Thank you, that would be great if it could be considered an option. Cheers :+1::sunglasses:

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