Pie copier chatroom

Hi team

Would it be possible to create a chat room here on the community website where we can talk about our pie which have been copied and the people who copied it can interact here? I feel that it is also easier for some people to use the community platform rather than just the pie app chat.

Thanks. Appreciate to have feedback from everyone on this website to see if this is something you’d like to see as well.

do discourse offer such functionality? this is ultimately a forum software, not a chatroom so Discord may be better for your intended communications.

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Maybe get the owner of the pie to create a discord link to put in the pie description and comments


I use discord but setting up a discord, never done that before. Would it be easy?

It’s dead easy to do. It doesn’t need to be fancy, you’re probably just wanting a chat channel and an information channel that notifies every time there’s an update

Yes probably something like this. I will try to set something up. Thanks mate

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