Realy going social with PIES

Hello I have a few suggestions for the Pie feature.

  1. The ability to follow a user so you can see when they update their pies/ see all their pies and etc

  2. Auto update on copied pies so when you follow a pie if owner updates it it updates on all copied pies maybe have an option to turn this feature on/off

  3. The ability to search for pies/users.

  4. More categories in the pie library ( how do you even get your pie into one of them anyway ?)

  5. Fix the pie description box when you try to type a description for a pie the box is tiny and very hard to edit !

  6. The ability to make your profile more social. like # Pies # copies # years with t212 maybe a profile box.

I think if you’re going to go social then go social !

  1. fix the web app so we can edit our pies and stuff on our PC’s.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

bumping this back up hoping to get someones attention !