Pie Importing/Exporting

Hi All,

Is this still a feature? I can’t seem to find the option.

If you need to import export new company, yes it is still available from both phone and desktop. From the desktop go to properties and there you will find to arrows at the bottom, one pointing up and one pointing down. In the mobile version I am remember well you have to go to other pie option and you will find the exact same thing

I’ll have to give the desktop a go. I’ve tried on the app and I don’t seem to have the option. I only have Personalise, Duplicate and Delete.


On mobile click on your pie, then properties and at the bottom you will find other operations (or something similar, I have it in italian) and there you will find both import and export

I remember seeing it before in this location.

no this is the wrong menu. It is the other menu

Thanks @pasquale_riganello :+1:

I’m an idiot I can see it under “More Actions” on the holdings tab.

You are very welcome! :grinning:

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