Remove instrument from Pie but keep in Portfolio

Is there a way to remove an instrument from a pie, not not sell it completely, keep it in regular Investment portfolio?

You can export it out of the pie.

You’ll be able to do this with the Export Investment option, which you will find under the More Actions tab of your pie.

This way you’ll keep the shares without selling them, and they’ll remain in your portfolio as regular investments.


Import/export functions don’t seem to be added yet to the web platform, when will that be released and would it also have the max of 50 stocks?

Import / Export for web should come next week.

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I can’t seem to see this option under holdings on the iOS app. I can see Edit Pie and Rebalance but no “More Actions”…

You’ll need to get the TestFlight app first and install/open our app through it, to be able to see the ‘More Actions’ tab on your iOS. :slight_smile: :iphone: