Pie Issue/Fractional Shares

Hi T212,

I’m building a green energy pie and I’ve tried to add CLSK and ARRY to my pie but it doesn’t let me. I believe this is because these two companies don’t allow fractional shares at the moment.

I was wondering if these 2 tickers could be activated for fractional shares please? If so, how long would this take to be made active? I’m assuming you might have a list of all companies being set for fractional so apologies in advance if this is the case!

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What I have heard is that T212 is planning to have all stocks with fractionals by the end of 2020. I would love that feature as well as now I am holding on using pies as lots of stocks are not possible to use at the moment.

CLSK + ARRY are now fractional for anyone who finds this post.

Thanks T212 team! :slight_smile: