Pie stuck at Investing and can't invest more

Hi everyone,

I build my dream pie and I am so thankful for this feature. T212 you guys did great work on this one.

I am a bit frustrated for the last 2 days as my pie is stuck at 98% on investing. I understand that this might happen due to availability, but I don’t see any option to chancel just those last 2% (I think the cancel option would chancel the entire pie).

I also funded my account with more cash and I want to throw that into the pie but I can’t as its stuck at 98%. Its really frustrating. Is there any trick here to solve this issue?

Many thanks in advance !

I think you can press cancel and you will have the 98% done that is done. You will not find the whole pie cancelled.

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IT Worked. Thank you so much for your help!