Pie stuck on cancel for 2 days

Hi @JimLahey

My of my pies has been stuck on ‘cancelling’ for 2 days. Is someone able to take a look please? I have sent numerous emails for help but not had a response as of yet.

Many thanks

wrong username. T212 staff always have the logo on their profile…


Thanks for the heads up @Dao. I think a guy called @L.D is looking (getting people to look) into people’s frozen pies also.


Hey there Ben, :wave:

I’ve looked at your pie also and I’ll make sure to inform you as soon as we’ve fixed it. :wrench: :slight_smile:

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Thanks @L.D . Very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Hi @L.D @Team212

Is there any news r.e Pie still being stuck on cancelling? Been almost a week now and I am essentially locked out until it is fixed.

Many thanks,