Pies - Import / Export investments

Ok, i think you’re right, cash will sit in the section until you have enough to buy.

Trading212 does not offer Bitcoin.

In this case you might look at Square (SQ) or MicroStrategy (MSTR), both companies have Bitcoin as their asset.

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Good to see import / export options on the web app. Not sure why I can’t access these features on android phone browser.

It would be good to see the import / export options available when creating a pie and the targets set automatically based on an equally weighted portfolio.

Also need an option to remove or add a slice and the targets adjust automatically without the need to fiddle with percentages.

I had some issues when adjusting position sizes in a pie with an equally weighted portfolio of 31 stocks. I wanted to go to 50% cash when markets were dropping, and later reallocated 20% free cash when markets recovered. Preview looked good with equal share of the funds being taken / added to each slice of the pie. but the end result was a mess. Some postions sizes varied by as much as £100. I have performed this type of pie adjustment before without issue.

Good work,


when this feature will be available?

hi @kali how’s it going?
I’m really interested in making a semiconductor pie thing right now and wondered if your nice looking pie is shared anywhere?

In addition to “darlings” and “semiconductors” here, I am holding quite a bit of NXPI, ADI and MCHP (but no longer buying these 3) Also a disclaimer my buying priorities and ratios change almost every month.

wow, that’s great to see @kali and very detailed. It’s impressive (I’m new and learning the ropes). Thank you very much for sharing this.
I don’t see the semiconductor pie there as it appeared in your screenshot (above). Is that because your investments in it have changed or am I not seeing it right?

like I said ratios change over time. And I moved Nvidia, AMD and StoneCO to their own pie called “darlings” Because these 3 stocks are considerable big chunks of my portfolio, and their value jumped to new highs during last year.

My android app does not have the facility to import existing investments. What do I need to do?

Show me what you’re seeing instead. The update was a while ago so I’d be surprised if you don’t have it

There is no button for “more actions” so I cannot access my investments but only choose to import new ones to the pie.
Also I cannot seem to copy screenshot to this email.

Are you definitely on the “holdings” section?

I got it - thanks @kali, I appreciate your time

I have none of these options. Only investments or pies. When I choose pies I only have the option to import new investments. Would it be an idea to uninstall the app and install again. Would I not corrupt my data saved.?

Hi, what are the updates on all stock/ETF being fractional/importable to the Pies? I recently bought some ETFs, to find out they are non-fractional and I cannot import them into my pie. I’d like to be able to that so that I have 1 place to manage it from.

Thanks for this great feature. How can I import a Pie from the URL. For example I want to import this pie. https://www.trading212.com/pies/l71F47GYJrXD5PJ5t0iVzPnnFKdz

Import of a shared pie is not yet available but is a planned future feature.

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God, I should have listened to myself. It appears that I never execute on my best ideas.

Is it possible to export shares from a pie in web version of trading212, I don’t see those buttons when I’m messing around with practice account.

@GargoyleBG Click on your pie. Click on Holdings. In the lower right corner you will see


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