Pies Not available

I’ve been trying to find an answer for days but i simply cant.
When i hit portfolio i get the grapgh then under the graph says investments and under says allocation. i click the allocation pie and just shows my current allocation pie. There is no other button to create a pie or a tab like ive seen on trading 212’s guide saying pies.
I thought maybe its the version of the app, i updated it, maybe android version (tried my other phone that doesnt have android 9 and it doesnt show there either)

anyone has the slightest clue what is happening?

You need to join the beta for the pies. It isn’t fully released yet. Look in the what’s new part of the forum for more pre-release features.

Not true. I’ve been a beta tester since the beginning and still nothing.

Have you been a beta tester for pies specifically and did you sign up with the link above. If not you won’t have access to the feature.

yea i guess its my fault, i kept watching videos of people having the pie (i was trying to find on youtube how to activate the pies) and no one mentioned its beta…they were all happy to use it -__- now it makes sense thank you guys!