Updating Alba Price

Morning all… is there a reason the price of Alba hasn’t updated since 16.30 on Wednesday…? Not sure what drives the refresh within T212 but the SP has been wrong for 36 hours now.

It drives me nuts I’m constantly pointing out that it’s not getting through quotes correctly. I report it on chat but they try and fob me off as ‘low liquidity’ as their catch all to mean stop bothering us.

I’ve had the same issue where just the bid got updated to showing a zero spread or a higher bid.

I had KOD recently not update since 15 October despite the ask changing multiple times and if you fire up Tradingview you can see the missing data.

Similar issue with KEFI

Basically the feed that T212 gets is crap, and it’s seems to be very flakey last couple of weeks. Im still waiting on an email response after I got this escalated.

I’ve posted a bit about ALBA too