Please add ALPP stock

Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd


Please add Alpp

Thank you

Its available in invest

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You’ll find that OTC are in the Invest, ALPP isn’t ISA eligible.

Thanks :+1::blush: I wonder what determines eligiblity criteria,

It would be good if it was in Isa but nevermind. :blush: Thank you

To my knowledge all US Over the Counter stocks aren’t eligible.

The best person I know is @Finki who might know specifically why they can’t be protected from CGT

OTC markets aren’t eligible UNLESS the “parent” itself would be eligible.

Example : Nintendo has an OTC listing

But it also has it’s primary listing on the TSE

So therefore IS eligible despite having an OTC listing.

HMRC had to bring this rule in years ago to counter confusion over dual listings between ineligible and eligible exchanges.

In the case of ALPP I can not find any other Exchange(s) listing(s) … so, as OTC only, it’s not ISA eligible

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Please add ALPP , it’s penny stock exempt.

Already available on Invest. Not in ISA probably because not eligible.

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Should have checked on invest first! Thanks.

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ALPP plan to uplist to the Nasdaq this month so should be on the ISA soon.

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