$HIMX Himax Technologies, Inc

Can you please add $HIMX Himax Technologies, Inc. Thanks

|t’s already there. Unless you’re a new customer - invest only.

I was looking for ISA forgot to mention :wink:

You won’t get it in an ISA

I’d like to invest in these too but also in an ISA. It suggests on Stockopedia that it’s eligible for both ISA and SIPP :-\

Lookup the HMRC rules and see if you agree it can be held within an ISA or not.

The brokers I use regularly have differences of opinion when I’m most cases it looks black and white. Some take an overly simplistic view and things fall between the cracks to either side.

I’m relatively new to investing so I’m not sure of pretty much all of the jargon so I don’t really understand the literature on why some shares are eligible and some are not.

I’ve just tried to read some info and my brain melted :smiley:

Just thought it odd that Stockopedia have it as eligible but Trading 212 don’t but I’m guessing (as you suggest) there must be some ambiguity about it.

A shame because I really like these.

I think that’s the page, in particular:

Securities (as defined above) other than securities in an investment trust, are qualifying investments if:

  • they have been issued by a company that is incorporated anywhere in the world
  • they satisfy at least one of the following conditions:
  • the securities are listed on the official list of a recognised stock exchange

From what I can see, the primary listing looks to be in Taiwan, which is not a recognised exchange in HMRC’s view.

I found the easiest way to find whether it could be held in ISA or not without spending a lot of time researching is to look at other brokers who are also offering ISA/LISA. There is better way of spending time learning how to trade/invest rather then spending time arguing, to check it against ISA rules, learning all of the jargons as the jargons are mainly intended to ISA Managers, or brokers.

One example is from a more mature brokers such as HL who has done the work for you

As shown on the top of the page, This HIMX stock could be contained in SIPP Fund and Share Account (general invest) but not in ISA or LISA

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