ALPP Nasdaq uplift from OTC


With Alpine 4 (ALPP) potential Nasdaq uplist in Feb/March will it become avaliable in the ISA account right away?


@DIRK053 If it indeed happens - yes, it will.


Hi David,

Another question on ALPP

Can you confirm that the shares we have currently in our Invest accounts will automatically transfer over from being listed on OTC to NASDAQ and not sell off?



@DavidIain Automatic transfer, nothing will change from a user’s perspective.


Anyone I on ALPINE 4 (ALPP).
It has had a hell of a run in the last few days and has a lot of potential left to run

Sitting at 7.30 now


ALPP is just starting off, still a bargain price under $10 really. Amazing company!


In since 0.33 (Nov 2020) and made have 10’s of thousands ££ last week alone on it!

My wife’s account has 3 time the amount of stock as mine, both started buying at 0.33


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Many congrats that great!!

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Hopefully another run today with people Fomoing in, starting to hear loads of discussions on many discords etc.

I cant see it dropping down big pre Nasdaq, it would make no sense for lots of people to sell when they are just about to make a big profit on the move to the exchange. All news is positive. I expect only small dips

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So, what is everyones thoughts on this stock now we’ve seen todays earnings?

The price of the stock still went down despite decent earnings, is this being shorted? was it overpriced for an OTC stock anyway? hopefully NASDAQ brings fresh investors, IF its uplisted.

This is the only OTC stock I have really taken a risk on, all my other investments have been established companies or ETF’s with good records that aren’t OTC.

Would be nice to see some fresh perspective on this company.

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Fundimentals are still good so no issue here or with the massive community on the discords I am a member of.

Have been up loading on the the dips.

Seems like the good old pump and dump to me. Technical analysis shows next support at 2,5 but thats weak and likely to not hold. Looks like bearish head and shoulders pattern to me. Also I don’t like the management. Good luck!