Please add Bridgetown Holdings Ltd. (BTWNU) SPAC

Please add
Bridgetown Holdings Ltd. (BTWNU) SPAC

A hig profile SPAC managed by Peter Thiel, Richard Li

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Bridgetown Holdings announced that they will start trading their common shares from December 7 onwards. Seeing that this is only above NAV with 10% and it’s lead by Peter Thiel whose investments have seen very good returns in the past months - I believe that this will pop significantly on merger announcement. Therefore, it would be great if anyone could add it! @PeterA @David @Martin (Nasdaq: BTWN)

Think it might not happen untill the split, which is today… so ignore me.

Friendly reminder :blush:, would really appreciate it

Please add BTWN (spac)! :pray:t2::heart:

Common Shares are definitely available through IB so we’ll see if @Joey_Fantana can highlight in his post on Monday that @Team212 will usually be able to action! :+1:

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In Monday’s tranche of common share SPAC requests. :+1:t2:

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BTWN added to T212 today all! :+1: