Thiel-Backed Bridgetown SPAC (BTWN) Weighs Up to $10 Billion Tokopedia Deal

I like this news, Premarket is already up by 20%!

Tokopedia is an Indonesian technology company specializing in e-commerce. It is an Indonesian unicorn!

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It has been discussed here a while ago and has been available in Trading212 since yesterday Dec 14, 2020

Great but my post was regarding the merger with Tokopedia

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Sorry miss that bit …
Those whomisses the link, here is the lick to the news

I wonder how do they scrutinise Indonesian company if BTWN finally merge with “Tokopedia”.

Indonesian companies are well known for manipulating their balance sheets, reports. Also there are wide range collusions among all parties, stock exchange, regulators, police, district attoeney, attorney general, judges.

This is just one examples. In the past there are already reasonable number of them