@team212 stock request

Please could you add Ivanhoe Capital Acquisition Corp?

NYSE:IVAN.U (Ivanhoe Capital Acquisition

The U is for units so I doubt it.

Probably need to wait until it splits.

The Units are 1 Ord Share Class A & 1/3 warrant (to later purchase a share at $11.50)

So you’ll be looking for when it’s just IVAN and the warrants split to being IVAN.WS

@David ? Am I right in thinking Units and warrants aren’t supported.


everyday is a learning day for us all :slight_smile: thanks for this mate never knew it beforehand!!

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SEC filing


I imagine @Joey_Fantana is on the case when the SPAC is available, and possibly who they might be after.

The company plans to target industries related to the shift from fossil fuels towards electrification, and targets may include those in the supply chain from mine site to the end user of electrification products and services, including in the transportation, e-mobility, electric propulsion, battery technology and storage sectors.

:thinking: 200M+ to play with

Cool, gotcha. Thanks Phil!

Please add Fast Forward FFWD

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That’s all correct @phildawson

@LPrice933 check out this post and maybe bookmark it (three dots icon at the bottom of the post);

It has lots of useful info on SPACs and on how they work.

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Can we also have CCIV in Berlin exchange.

I believe ticker is (CH20 GR)