Please add Canoo

New startup by ex BMW executives. In the business to hold a fleet of self driving E.V.s

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A startup? So are they public?

Looks like they’re private, for what I could find
Also says they’re in partnership with Hyundai, seems strange since they’re ex. BMW employees

Not yet. See below.

Canoo, a Los Angeles-based electric vehicle company created by former BMW executives, plans to list shares on Nasdaq NDAQ via a merger with a special-purpose acquisition company, a move that will raise about $600 million needed to get into production by 2022.

Ah yes, Hennessy Capital I believe. HCAC I think. IPO’d week before last possibly.

T212 can’t add SPACs immeidately due to the shares not being 100% shares to begin with. We need to wait for a specific 8-K filing to be made with the SEC (typically 50ish days but we have been seeing examples of shorter timeframes than that) and then they can be added.

I’m checking this daily and will request they be added once I see the 8-K has been filed. :+1:t2:

Isn’t this one already available?

The thing that surprises me is that the price has not gone up since the announcement.

Yes you’re right. Sorry when I was typing that I was thinking of PSTH…!

Why wouldn’t it rise in value after announcement though?

That´s what many other SPACs have done… and you would have thought that an EV merger would have been appealing to the market at this moment in time.