Please add OIL stocks and ETFs!

With what is going on with oil right now,
please add more options to the Invest and ISA accounts - especially in the case of inverse ETFs, we’re missing out on a lot of upward movement right now

  • Inverse Crude Oil ETFs (SCO) & (DTO)
  • Crude oil ETFs (UCO) & (USO)
  • Gazprom Neft (SIBN)

The only thing I found on the ISA account as of now is OD7F WisdomTree


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@CaptainDangernoodle Unfortunately, these are US ETFs, they’re not available in the EU.

Ah oh well, thanks for the quick answer tho @David

Are there any inverse oil ETFs that are available to us? Say european ones

@CaptainDangernoodle I did a quick search but didn’t manage to find anything. Unfortunately, the EU ETF market is a bit more limited than the U.S.

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No worries, thanks for looking!

Oh and Gazprom Neft?

@CaptainDangernoodle That one’s okay, we’ll add it once we clear up the backlog of requests.

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