Please add PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund

I would like to kindly ask you to add as fractional the following CEF ;
PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund (Ticker Symbol PDI) .

Thank you in advance !

I have a funny feeling this CEF can’t be sold to EU/UK investors, but happy to be proved otherwise if you have different information?


Maybe you should read this first before asking new additions:

US-domiciled mutual funds, CEFs and aren’t allowed outside US. That’s why US asset management firms create European versions (UCITS) of their mutual funds, mainly domiciled in Ireland and Luxembourg.

Instead of seeing US domiciled mutual funds, CEFs, UITs and ETFs, search for their European versions.

But T212 doesn’t also offer mutual funds/investment funds, only ETFs.

PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund is a close ended fixed income mutual fund
PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund was formed on May 30, 2012 and is domiciled in the United States.

Isn’t JPS that is already included a CEF ?

Correct. It is a UK CEF but it’s ticker is now JSGI.

I think we have all UK CEFs and there are some crackers out there.

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No, I am talking about Nuveen Preferred Securities Income Fund (NYSE ticker symbol JPS)

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Ooh interesting. I wonder if it snuck on in error due to having a similar ticker to the Eligible UK fund :roll_eyes:

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Why you don’t read the post above yours. It will save time to all.

JPS (NYSE) state now is reducing positions, after this post.

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I don’t see it (T212 UK):



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We got a message that we can’t add anymore, only liquidate positions. That’s the reason you don’t see it anymore.

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Due to regulatory reasons, the CEF in question cannot be traded on the platform. Hence positions with the instrument can only be closed and it is visible only to the clients holding such. Apologies for any caused inconvenience.


Yep, it was what I were thinking. CEFs (and other US-domiciled mutual funds) aren’t allowed in EU/UK, due to UCITS regulation.