Please add VAGF

I’ve asked to add IE00BG47KH54 Global Aggregate Bond UCITS ETF EUR Hedged Accumulating (VAGF) on Xetra one year ago, but T212 still doesn’t have it… it’s one of the basic portfolio building blocks for EUR-based investors, and it’s also the main component of the new Vanguard Lifestrategy EUR ETFs.
This is stopping me from recommending T212 for long-term investment purposes.

Unless you have a strong preference for Vanguard you could use iShares EUNA. It is essentially the same thing and is a fund of about 10 times the size, indicating its greater popularity with investors.

EUNA has traded about 300000 shares today and VAGF 6000. VAGF is 5 times the cost per share. So about 10 times as much euros has changed hands on ENUA. EUNA has spread about 0.08%

Thanks for that, EUNA is a good alternative. A lot of people have string preference to Vanguard though, so it would still be good to have the Vanguard fund.

Vanguard has a history of consistently lowering OCF figures, while iShares sometimes just open another, cheaper ETF (just check out iShares Core MSCI World vs. iShares MSCI World). Vanguard preference is not just placebo, it seems.