Please convert these stocks to fractional (Already on T212)

Would like to have these available for Autoinvest.

Made a nice HTML table for you and all :slight_smile:

Ticker Stock Name Index
ROR Rotork plc FTSE 250
CSP Countryside Properties plc FTSE 250
BOWL Hollywood Bowl plc FTSE Small Cap
FDM FDM Group plc FTSE 250
MSLH Marshalls plc FTSE 250
MNDI Mondi plc FTSE 100
DOTD DotDigital plc FTSE AIM
HL Hargreaves Lansdown plc FTSE 100
XPP XP Power plc FTSE Small Cap
BKG Berkeley Group Holdings FTSE 100
GLE MJ Gleeson plc FTSE Small Cap
ABDP AB Dynamics plc FTSE AIM
SN. Smith & Nephew plc FTSE 100
FORT Forterra plc FTSE Small Cap
CRDA Croda International plc FTSE 100
AUTO Autortrader plc FTSE 100
JHD James Halstead plc FTSE AIM
HWDN Howden Joinery Group plc FTSE 250
RSW Renishaw plc FTSE 250
BWY Bellway plc FTSE 250
BAG A.G. Barr plc FTSE 250
SGE Sage Group plc FTSE 100

:heavy_plus_sign: :one: for BAG. I’ll need this for my future pie!