LSE:SAIN/Scottish American Investment Company

ISIN: GB0007873697
UK listed investment trust

@Joey_Fantana would it be possible to add $SAIN to the fraction list please so that it can be added to pies?

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Hey @RBB - I’m not staff so can’t do that I’m afraid.

You need to tag the likes of @Martin or @PeterA for these kinds of request.


@Martin @PeterA Would it be possible to allow $SAIN to be fractioned?

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@David @Rumen are you able to assist with this please? It’s holding back my pies from fully being able to auto invest monthly.

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+1 for fractional SAIN. I think it’s the only Baillie Gifford investment trust that cannot be added to pies. Last time I checked, it was among the best performers in its sector. I’d like to add to my Isa to provide a counterweight to SMT, USA etc.


The wait for this one is driving me insain! :grin:

Any chance of some love for this request when you get a minute please @David, @Rumen, @Tony.V?

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Hopefully SAIN can be made fractional sometime soon :crossed_fingers:

In the meantime, here’s the top 10 for anyone interested:

Security Weight
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd ADR 3.97%
United Parcel Service Inc Class B 2.59%
Sonic Healthcare Ltd 2.47%
ANTA Sports Products Ltd 2.43%
Roche Holdings AG NPV 2.42%
Microsoft Corp 2.41%
Man Wah Holdings Ltd 2.38%
Procter & Gamble Co 2.30%
Fastenal Co 2.27%
Admiral Group Ord GBP0.01 2.14%
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