Please make IPAY available to buy

This ETF is on the platform but view only, please make ETFMG Prime Mobile Payments ETF available to buy.

If this is not possible, can you explain why it is on the platform but view only?


See the disclaimer on the bottom of your linked page:

The Fund is intended to be made available only to U.S. residents. Under no circumstances is any information provided on this website intended for distribution to or use by, or to be an offer to sell to or solicitation of an offer to buy the Fund or any investment product or service of, any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country, other than the United States, where such distribution, use, offer or solicitation would subject the Fund or its affiliates to any registration requirement or be unlawful under the securities laws of that jurisdiction or country.


In addition to the disclaimer @chantal mentioned, US ETFs are not UCITS compliant, so we’re unable to add them in general.

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