Please offer Options trading in the future

I would love to see options on T212. Your platform is nearly perfect for me, options is the last thing i need. Especially selling cash secured puts or covered calls. This would be a gamechanger. I totally dont mind CFDs as i dont use them on your platform.

… but options… man, id LOVE TO SEE IT HERE.


I was wondering if we’re ever likely to get options trading on the platform (ISA)? It’s something that Interactive Brokers seem to be offering, and I’d like to be able to find use for them in hedging. Is this something we’re likely to get eventually?

I’m afraid that there are no updates to share. The team is currently focused on other tasks, but every bit of feedback is important to us while planning the direction we’ll be going in the future.

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There’s no chance of this.

Do you use IBKR for options or just looking?

I agree that options would have fantastic but sadly no sign of T212 introducing them.

I would also be very interested in options for covered calls and csp

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Naked options are very high risk but options alongside long investing as an integral part of the long strategy is fantastic. However, options are general in leveraged accounts whereas I’d want my long investments in a non-leveraged account so that’s a first issue. The second problem is finding anyone in the UK who provides a decent solution options

I currently have a trial (not real money) account with IBKR and the platform looks great (but complex) at first glance but is a bit of a nightmare. I was hoping some people could give me some feedback on using it for real trading not least because I’m struggling to find some things on it that I’d think are essential (such as a report/audit trail of trades) but I think some reporting isn’t available in the trial mode you need a live account (which is a bit mad).

Edit: also it’s not clear what the tax situation is because IBKR seems to be UK registered/licensed but is a US company and the website says that you need to register/file for US taxes but its not clear whether this is simply in terms of tax withholding on dividends or capital gains/income/profit on trades. If anybody can clarify this I’d be very grateful

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How about in 2024? @KrisG ? Any roadmap on 2024?

Happy New Year, @zizka! I can’t provide a roadmap or an exact ETA, but can confirm that Options Trading is on our radar for 2024.


I haven’t heard this discussed in a while.
I would love to have options trading it is available to most US investors
and can be a power and protective tool if used right.

Does Trading212 have any plans or updates on this
many thanks!

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Welcome to the Community, @zamalek :tada:

I moved your topic to this already existing one. The last message before yours is the latest we have on the topic:


When will we be able to buy Options on T212?


This is fantastic!

As some food for thought, would this be included with ISAs? I personally am not interested in participating in advanced strategies, only buying calls for stocks I’m bullish on and selling covered calls for the premium, and doing so in a tax-free account - certainly nothing advanced or risky with unlimited losses.

I doubt Options can be traded within an ISA. There are limitations on what can be held in an ISA and I think its essentially shares, eft products, etc. I doubt Options would qualify but I could be wrong


It’d be great if they could. The leveraged ETPs in there are good and all, but I’ve found the holding period somewhat obstructive and the selection to be quite limited to large/mega cap. As much as I find value in TA and have fun in occasionally playing the game, the ability to buy longer-dated options would be far more useful in boosting the returns on existing, high-conviction long positions without becoming overweight.

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Ye wouldn’t be surprised tbh, it’s a shame ISA’s are so restrictive. I think I’m going to have to prep my invest account again, kinda getting tired of paying 0.15% per trade too.


I wonder how Options can work on here in theory?. I’m presuming Options cannot be traded in an ISA – SO I think the first thing that would have to happen, is the ability to move shares between INVEST and ISA. I think a lot of people on here would LOVE to employ strategic Options trading, as @DeePeeCee has said – Not an ability to access reckless naked gambles.
I would think this is a government thing, but it would be great if the UK could
somehow restrict Options in an ISA to Covered Calls and Protective Puts – strategies where the downside is already ‘covered’ by pre-allocated funds and/or shares in an account.

I really want to learn more about Options and I think T212 would have a great platform for it, hopefully this platform development gains some traction again

Peace :peace_symbol:

Options trading is not permitted inside isa accounts, not possible to happen also transfer between gia and isa also not possible they are different accounts theres tax implications which makes it impossible. But we do need options trading in invest account please also do please finish the inspecie transfer service and please expand the list of available brokers

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I figured as much regarding an ISA, but I wonder how IBKR has an ability to move shares around, from different brokers even?
Obviously the entire point of buying covered calls, and protective puts - is to employ strategies, with shares you already own → so not being able to move the shares around, would impede these kinds of strategies.

I wonder if some kind of collateral account would mitigate this? T212 would know we own the shares, could even lock them somehow…

Have a great day! :smiley:

I don’t think IBKR offers an ISA

For covered options they are covering the option with shares in the general investment account not an ISA