Please offer Options trading in the future

They do offer an ISA.
I closed my account there, but I do remember reading they could access and import your shares from other brokers. Consolidate your portfolio. I’m sure you pay for it, but it can be done is all I am saying

I can find no information about an IBKR ISA but that aside portfolio transfers are possible 1) between one share ISA and another share ISA (ie if you are transferring an old ISA to a new broker) or 2) from one broker investment account to another broker investment account.

I’m not clear what this has to do with Options. If you have a general investment account (or in the case of IBKR a leveraged/margin account) then you can cover options from general investments

Most people aren’t super rich on here, so they don’t have hundreds of shares of the same stock spread across multiple accounts, margin or otherwise. Thats the whole point. People want to protect their investments, or make passive income off the shares in their ISA. Thats the connection re: ISA and Options

@WakeMeUpI can find no information about an IBKR ISA

OK thank they offer an ISA which google doesn’t know about. Back to my comment, Options aren’t possible in an ISA and if you want a covered option it is covered by a general investment/margin account. When the Option expires the broker has to deliver (or receive) the shares. They can’t do that from an ISA.

If you only want to invest via an ISA that’s fine but you will not be trading Options

Because nobody wants to pay capital gains tax!! :smiley:

I wonder if a collateral account could somehow work, where the shares in the ISA are “excerised in escroe”, or some other way.

I’m not sure that you understand Options. You are wanting to change the stock market. Also to trade Options has capital requirements so you will not get an account to trade Options if you can’t meet the capital requirements (including requirement set by the stock exchange ie SEC). Also if you don’t want to pay CGT then you aren’t going to trade Options.

If you have options then on expiry you need to be able to deliver or receive the shares and that’s simply not possible from an ISA (eg you can’t just transfer 100 NVDA shares into an ISA on Option expiry)


Yeah I figured as much man

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It will be interesting to see what T212 does offer but an Option is for 100 shares so a single option for NVDA is for roughly $90k of stock

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okay but what about say lloyds ?

There’s lots of affordable stocks to try Options strategies with.

You’re right, I’d love to learn a lot more about Options, but do it in a safe way. Thats why I want these guys here at T212 to do it, IBKR overwhelmed me and the customer service was diabolical. Took my money out and left. Super high fees as well

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IBKR don’t have a great reputation for support and I think (purely personal view) their platform is complex and not very user friendly. It is a very powerful platform and has some very good features but overall I’m not a massive fan. That said, if you want to just have fun you can open a demo/paper account and trade Options with virtual money

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I think Degiro allow you to trade options for European stocks if you were interested in that. I found the tests you have to do to gain access to different instruments/markets quite informative really.

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@Momchil.G @KrisG any updates on this? Possibly ETA? Thanks!


Just use IBKR for options and T212 for everything else. It’s no biggie.

There are no updates as we’ve been busy rolling out other features and improvements. Still, as soon as we have any news regarding options, we’ll notify the Community right away :raised_hands:


I am following the topic with big interest. ATM I am trying to move my stock shares on IBKR to be able to sell covered call options for additional income. Please Trading212, I really like you, but don’t procrastinate options … Robinhood is coming :slight_smile:

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It’s here already and it’s garbage.

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Lmaooo fr. I have an account opened but it’s totally useless.

Is Options trading still on your timeline? It’s mid 2024 and would like to check on it?


here bro. no updates yet but I’m hoping soon because I don’t like using ibkr

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