Plus500 Dividends missing

Is anybody missing the dividend payment from PLUS500? It has been over 2 weeks ago (11 Nov 2020). I know it is normal to have a delayed of 3 or 4 days. But 2 weeks is the first time for me. Is anybody in the same situation? Thanks.

Yeah, I’m still waiting. Over the last 9 months I’ve never failed to receive a dividend, as you say most are within 3-4 days. Think the longest was 3 weeks but it’s rare for it to be that long.

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Thanks, @Mirlo. I just thought was strange the 2 weeks delay.

@Diegoscur @Mirlo The dividend will be distributed by the end of tomorrow. :moneybag:

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Thanks, @L.Mar for the update.

I can confirm I received the dividend payment today. Although I hadn’t realised that even as a UK listing it is still subject to Isreali WHT on dividends. Live and learn I guess.

One point to note is that the WHT applied was 20% but according to the PLUS 500 investors page UK residents can benefit to a reduced rate of 15% due to tax treaties… I guess T212 hasn’t filled out the relevant tax forms for us like they have done with the US forms?

Taken from elsewhere. 20% is correct.

“The Israeli withholding tax (WT) on Divs for non-Israeli resident individuals (in our case UK residents/ tax payers) is 20%. It was 25% until the summer but PLUS500 were conferred ‘preferred company’ status or something similar which effectively meant less tax to the Israeli government. For the penultimate Div I (UK resident and taxpayer) received a 5% additional payment which was backdated to reduce the overcharge from 25% to 20% as presumably the new rates were retroactive. For the last div I paid 20% WT. Under the UK/Israeli taxt treaty you are entitled to pay only 15% - ie a further reduction of 5%. For this you must claim. See the PLUS500 website under Investor relations > Dividends for info and instructions how to claim.”

Has anybody ever claim the 5%?