MSFT Dividend Payment

Hello All
Ex-div was 18 Nov and payment date 10 Dec.
Anyone received, as I haven’t?

No have not received anything, but keep in mind that dividends normally can take up to two weeks after pay date before actually arriving. Delays can be caused by intermediaries etc. The general rule of thumb: if you haven’t received your dividend after two weeks ask staff. Other than that just be patient you’ll get them.

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Would there be any reason for FT to pay right on 10 Dec?
Not a problem - just interested…

Spooky - it’s just this second landed, as I was typing…

Thanks anyway …

speak of the devil just received it :joy:

How weird was that!?!

What do you exactly mean with this? I assume you mean Microsoft, there are logistical reasons mostly for determining pay date (like liquidity or whatever) but most of the time it’s just to give time between record and payment date. Especially with funds, the difference between payday and record/ex date is on the lower end.

I was just wondering why Freetrade had settled the div right on the pay date whereas T212 seemed delayed…

Oh I should have known that, my apologies

Am not familiar with Freetrade as it’s not offered in my country but I guess it might be that they just have fewer intermediaries as with Trading 212 everything goes through Interactive Brokers


You may well be right there - thanks for your replies Etypsyno.

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