Delays to Dividend Payments?

B&M have apparently paid their Special Dividend of 25p on the 3rd but I still haven’t had the Dividend on my Account.

Is there a delay to dividends on other stocks for T212?

Have you hold stock till ex-dividend date (19th Nov) ? It was paid on 4th of December there is a chance that you’ll get it today. If not try to catch someone from team for more details

Yeah. I have held onto the Stock since September I think?

Do I @David or something?

Many thanks.

Yes just tag anyone from team David Martin PeterA Tony.V or Team212. If you held stock till ex-dividend date you will get your money at some point but only someone from team can help you more, sorry

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You would most likely recive it next week.

There’s usually a standard delay of 2-3 weeks from the company sending out there dividends, and then the broker (T212) reciving it and sending in on to the investors.

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Ah okay. Does it vary by company then?

Still new to this!

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It could, there’s a lot of factors.

But i would wait till next week, im pretty sure you would recive it by Thursday.

Wish you a good weekend :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

Huge delay on my side. I have some stock from LTC, the pay date was on 04/01/2021, but today 12/01/2021 not yet received.

Until December, the dividend payment took 2-3 days but after the Brexit it had always delays.

Another example: some stocks from SJR, payment date in 30/12/2020, only paid in 08/01/2021.

In XTB for instance, I received my dividend payment in the payment date and not a lot of days after like here in Trading 212.

LTC - payment date on 04/01/2021: NOT PAID
MRK - payment date on 08/01/2021: NOT PAID
STX - payment date on 06/01/2021: NOT PAID

If this kind of situation continue in the next 2 months I think I will close my account and use another broker.

There has been some recent delays distributing dividends. These are unrelated to Brexit.

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Still waiting on my Investec Divs as well.

Almost past a week.

I’m personally mainly waiting on SDUS, pay date was 23 December. I have confidence in the team that they’ll manage to resolve this problem around delayed dividends, have no worries about it arriving as it always did.