Delays to Dividend Payments?

B&M have apparently paid their Special Dividend of 25p on the 3rd but I still haven’t had the Dividend on my Account.

Is there a delay to dividends on other stocks for T212?

Have you hold stock till ex-dividend date (19th Nov) ? It was paid on 4th of December there is a chance that you’ll get it today. If not try to catch someone from team for more details

Yeah. I have held onto the Stock since September I think?

Do I @David or something?

Many thanks.

Yes just tag anyone from team David Martin PeterA Tony.V or Team212. If you held stock till ex-dividend date you will get your money at some point but only someone from team can help you more, sorry

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You would most likely recive it next week.

There’s usually a standard delay of 2-3 weeks from the company sending out there dividends, and then the broker (T212) reciving it and sending in on to the investors.

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Ah okay. Does it vary by company then?

Still new to this!

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It could, there’s a lot of factors.

But i would wait till next week, im pretty sure you would recive it by Thursday.

Wish you a good weekend :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

Huge delay on my side. I have some stock from LTC, the pay date was on 04/01/2021, but today 12/01/2021 not yet received.

Until December, the dividend payment took 2-3 days but after the Brexit it had always delays.

Another example: some stocks from SJR, payment date in 30/12/2020, only paid in 08/01/2021.

In XTB for instance, I received my dividend payment in the payment date and not a lot of days after like here in Trading 212.

LTC - payment date on 04/01/2021: NOT PAID
MRK - payment date on 08/01/2021: NOT PAID
STX - payment date on 06/01/2021: NOT PAID

If this kind of situation continue in the next 2 months I think I will close my account and use another broker.

There has been some recent delays distributing dividends. These are unrelated to Brexit.

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Still waiting on my Investec Divs as well.

Almost past a week.

I’m personally mainly waiting on SDUS, pay date was 23 December. I have confidence in the team that they’ll manage to resolve this problem around delayed dividends, have no worries about it arriving as it always did.

Got my Creighton’s and Johnson Controls Divs earlier than expected but still waiting on my Investec Dividend which has been 2 weeks now.