Poll: How many holdings do you have?

I thought it’d be interesting to get of gauge of how many holdings people have, including investment trusts, ETFs etc, and start a discussion around the subject.

How many holdings do you have?
  • 1-5
  • 6-10
  • 11-20
  • 21-30
  • 31-40
  • 41-50
  • 51-100
  • 100 +

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At one stage, I had more than 250 stocks :grimacing: because I was using pies to mirror some Ark and BG ETFs/ITs. It was getting out of hand, so I slimmed my portfolio down and honed in on 34.

That may still be too many, but a lot of research went in initially and it’s a long-term portfolio, which doesn’t require too much monitoring. I feel like I need 30-odd stocks to be content with the spread across different regions, sectors and industries.

Even then though, I couldn’t find home for stocks like MELI, SQ and TDOC, which were difficult to part with, but I figure I only need a handful of stocks to cover any industry.

About 22 in my Invest Account. I want to move my Dividend Stocks over at one point though. Have mostly FTSE 250 stocks with some NASDAQ ones and 1 S&P 500 stock.

About 7 in my ISA Account, which is a Mix of Dividend Stocks and SPACS.

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Majority of the people holds over 51 stocks and some over 100, just for curiosity, isn’t it better to buy some ETFs?

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need to wait for more votes before calling either direction. with my vote added there’s a balance between those who own 5 or less, 11-20 and 51-100.

a split between people who diversify extensively and those who hold a carefully determined selection.

One IT and twenty five companies.
2029 exit, minimal tinkering.

It’s probably a bit of a false stat due to the pie mimicking I’d suggest

I would suggest those holding 50+ are basically just closet index trackers perfectly fine if that’s what you want to do but very very hard to outperform the market.

I hold 5 to 10, smallest 10% position, much less pos size and I don’t personally see the point. Any outperforming in that stock won’t really affect your portfolio performance. 2 or 3% for positions size and even if it doubles you’ve only made 2%…

Results currently indicate that roughly 52% of poll participants have 30 stocks or under, with roughly 48% of poll participants having over 30 stocks.

Do you think this is mainly due to ETF mimics in pies? I would find it impossible to track that many.

Over-diversification has been killing my profits, plus, its hard to keep track of so many companies. So i worked all the way down to 10 max for my ISA and now trying for 5 max on my Invest (Invest mostly for swing trading).

In the future i would like to bring my ISA down to 5 but i haven’t yet figured out how…

I would hope so, no individual should own 100+, different things whether ETFS or Single stocks. Even 50+ i heavily feel pointless. I think between 8-25 individual stocks, can be more on low end if some holdings are more ETFs, for example 4 ETFs for a beginner not bad but if only doing 8 single stocks need high experience/conviction. I myself have around 20ish including 2 (now starting a 3rd ETF holding) ETFs.

For me personally I think even when I’m more experienced in a few years that ETFs that track indexes will be my largest allocation.

I cant stop laughing at people with 100+ stocks:’) There is a value portfolio and then theres that jeez

Not that I want get into the detail of it, but I have 118 holdings. I benchmark and monitor my portfolio using SQL server and python. I’m beating vwrl, vusa and iitu all by quite a bit, with a higher yield on deposit too.

I benchmark so that I’ll know when to stop wasting my time and go fully passive.

Too many stocks is an old style of thinking imo.


See I think that is smart. I can not argue with your technique there! I feel like people on here (specifically people from the UK) are scared of risk so they over-diversify. I personally have less stocks because I have high conviction and know where my end goal is with each of them.

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I don’t fault you either. Play the game to your strengths. I personally don’t have the stomach to go fewer than 20. But I’m not adverse to adding a new stock if I see a good deal.


With about 26% in 51 or more securities, it does seem the paradigm has shifted somewhat due to the advent of commission-free trades, pies/autoinvest and fractional shares.

I don’t necessarily see a problem with having 100+ if you have the time/will to keep track of everything, but it’s a fair ol’ job and I reckon most would be better off with a few ETFs and/or ITs.

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I agree it’s not for everyone. If I didn’t have a system to manage it I wouldn’t bother.

I have 100+ because of the arkk pie.
20-30 is my ideal number. Maybe 50 if i get to 1 milion $.