How diversified are you?

I thought might be interesting to see how people structure their portfolios without needing specific details, unless people want to. There is no right answer, but arguably a few wrong ones? :smiley:

This might also help people rethink their risk which with recent market activity is a good thing to do.

So, how much of your portfolio % is:

Top holding
Top 5 holdings
Top 10 holdings

Mine is:
Top 1: 15%
Top 5: 45%
Top 10: 68%

My ethos is to be diversified but also to not dilute my conviction picks.


I personally dont have a single position over 6,5% and I will be taking profits and reducing to 5% max in the coming weeks!

Especially with current market conditions I will be taking profits, seems prudent to me


Top 1: 6%
Top 5: 26.56%
Top 10: 47.98%

I went for even weighting this year as a test and have disliked it intensely.


My Trading 212 account is
Top 1: 100%

Outside of it I hold 3 broad funds in a LISA and private investments on Crowdcube. So hard to answer this holistically.


Top 3 holdings


ISA and investing account


I don’t like too much diversification, my top 3 takes about 60% and I hold 11 stocks in total.



Top 1 = 30%
Top 5 = 45.7%
Top 10 = 56%


Yeah I think 10 or so still gives some diversification if strong selections less than say 8/9 starts to be less so. guessing the 34% in Tesla is due to its crazy 2020 run up not because you bought so much? What I mean is did you aim for 30+% in Tesla or it was more like your apple holding and ran up.

Whats your mystery 3rd :smiley: ?


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It’s exactly because of the run-up, almost +600% gain, got into when it was around 120$ and don’t have the courage to trim it :rofl:

It’s a secret that only me and the Saudi Wealth Fund know :eyes:


My top holding is 35% ish and top 5 in total add up to around 60.6% ish.
In total I have 31 stocks.

Top 1: 35%
Top 5: 92 %

Overall 7 stocks and rather no plans to increase the amount anytime soon

I have reduced my portfolio to 4 holdings again and won’t be depositing new funds until April or May.

Top holding is 56%

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top 1: ~30%
top 5: ~80%
top 7: 100%

For those with top holding as 25%+ I am guessing mostly these are ETFs? If not don’t you worry putting so much faith in a single stock no matter how good to be volatile/risky?

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BABA - 38%
AMZN - 25%
4 others remaining

However cash position is 40% of total(portfolio + cash)


Compared to the previous posts, I seem very diversified. This could turn out well, or not.

Top holding: 8.5%

Top 5: 28%

Top 10: Around 45%


interesting question indeed,
Top 1: ~20%
Top 5: ~50%
Top 10: ~55%

My top two are low-cost broad market ETFs and already take up 40% of my portfolio. I have no single individual stock directly be over 3% of my entire portfolio


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