More than 50 pies

We need to have more than 50 pies in total. Please take that limit out!! :slight_smile:

you don’t think you are spreading yourself out way too thin already??


If you have 50 pies you are doing something very wrong.


He probably means allowing more than 50 slices within a pie.

No, maximum number of Pies is only 50.
I too got hit with this limit.

Maybe not as bad if they’re using them for DRIP and have one stock in each pie.


This is actually tempting…
I would like to be able to re-invest dividends automatically for individual stocks.


Will work well if it receives dividends of £1 each time, as then it can automatically reinvest it every time the dividend is paid

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As long as it is over £1, yes :smiley:

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That is the idea! Automatic reinvestment and forget about them!

How many stocks do you own? I have 28 and I feel it’s too many. I plan to cut back to 20.

Actually… a lot… LOL
Experimenting on a different strategy

Around 200+, ETF’s, EU/UK/US stocks…

Out of curiosity, have you compared your returns to investing in a simple global equity / tech fund that matches your investing preferences?

I see my direct stock holdings as satellite positions that I have enough time to research, or fancy a small punt.

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Yes, now i’m also slowly in the route of funds/ETFs, as i want to avoid FX conversion charges.

It sounds like it! Have you considered looking at ETFs as other posters have said?

Hey, what’s wrong? :smiley:
Maybe someone want 51 pies with 1 stock in each pie, to have automatic investment and/or reinvestment of dividends.

DISCLAIMER: Not my case.

Trading 212 could have an option to hide the stocks/ETFs inside the Pies. It’s already confusing navigating between 20+ stocks on the “Open Positions” tab. And/or a filter option on that tab to search for Stock/ETF we want to see.

You could sell some stocks?