Popularity tracker

Robinhood have a popularity tracker. It would be great to have something similar here and it shouldn’t be too difficult given the stats you already show?

For example - https://robintrack.net/popularity_changes


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Popularity tracker is what gives the bad rep to Robinhooders lol. All just jump on the same trades without knowing anything about the company


We should also add YOLO watchlist , which would dynamically contain this same popular stocks in App. So you can trow money right away.

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That’s not an official Robinhood website. Some college student made that.


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There is a subsection of Popular stocks under the home tab in Invest, if that’s how you want to play it.

Not sure if there’s any features under CFD that might highlight heavily loaded stocks in the premarket…?

That is true @cavanhagan - however it is also a good place to look at what to short haha!

@Joey_Fantana - I don’t know how that is picked / I would love to see the stats i.e. how many accounts invested in a place etc.

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