Top 10 stocks on Robinhood

The Robintrack website tracks the most popular stocks by Robinhood users using their API.

Top 10 stocks:

It’s also interesting to check the holding history of a stock in parallel to its price:

What’s your view on this list? :slightly_smiling_face:



Would love to see top 10 trading 212 stocks.


Would be very interesting to have a monthly top 10 here :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe top 10 gainers/losers as well.


Usually when you start seeing pump and dump stocks moving in the list it’s time to sell :joy:

Hmm so I’m holding these two atm, did someone say FOMO. :running_man:

For sure there is a lot of FOMO there :grin:

Good idea! Also, searching for them in t212 is not so pleasant. It has been suggested elsewhere to put the corresponding ticker at first and then the rest in the result list. It would be great to add this in future updates.

@laguiar are we listening to the same podcast,?

probably not… I just listen some non sense podcasts :laughing:

Ah cool! There was a Motley Fool podcast this week and they were talking about this!

Is there any chance we could get the “Top Winners” and “Top Losers” back on the watchlist bar?

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I need this!! But can’t get robinhood in United Kingdom

Well you can sign-up to get on the waiting list, they were meant to be live by now. I’ll create an account out of curiosity but I don’t see myself switching from T212.

Just checked my email

You’re #3,415 out of 210,120

I can send you directly my invite link but I don’t think it does anything other than bump me up the list so you might be 210,121

Well I’m #33322!! You must have signed up ages ago! :rofl::rofl:

Nov last year :sunglasses:

Middle of December for me! :tipping_hand_man:

Who knows when they will be live in the UK however considering how many problems they had, I’m reluctant.

Yeah send it over, can you sign up from uk Yh?

Cool, well I’ve just sent the link. Yeah this the UK early access wait list so you get it before wider rollout. I think it should be a month or so now as I was reading an aim for July launch, but I don’t know how much Covid has affected this still.

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